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Why Evacutation Seating Should Be On Hand at All Times

For people with limited mobility, getting out of a building easily is not always an easy task. This is especially true if the individual happens to be on an upper floor when the emergency arises. One of the most practical approaches is to make sure a couple of evacuation chairs are on hand at all times. Here is why those chairs can make such a difference.

The Basics of an Emergency Evacuation Chair

Chairs of this type are designed to be compact while still providing excellent support. They can fit into spaces that a standard wheelchair could never go. Most designs include safety features like a harness for the individual who is sitting in the chair, plus a bar across the back to aid in steering the chair properly. While not intended for constant use, most of these chairs come with enough padding to keep the user comfortable while the evacuation is underway.

Just as many wheelchairs are designed to fold for easy storage, the typical emergency chair will fold and fit into a closet or other handy location. In the event that there is the need to get out of the building quickly and the only exit is the stairs, the chair will deploy with no problem. Once the user is strapped in, someone can steer it to the nearest stairwell and get to the first floor quickly. The rollers on the front of the device make it simple enough to move quickly out of the building and to safety.

Protecting Employees and Others From Harm

Should a fire break out or some other situation call for people to get out of the building quickly, emergency chairs will ensure that a single person can help someone with limited mobility to exit without delay. The design of the chair of the emergency evacuation chair will mean that the person providing the aid does not have to be particularly strong, and there is no real lifting involved. As long as the individual can tilt the chair back slightly, it will be easy enough to roll the device across the floor and then gently descend each stair using the combination of wheels and brakes.

Employers would do well to look into the idea of investing in a few of these chairs to keep in strategic locations around the office or plant facility. Even at home, having one of these chairs stored in an upstairs hall closet will mean if a loved one needs help getting out of the building, the chair can be pressed into service quickly and safely.


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